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Lesson Plan #1

Materials Needed·
Paper· Pencil
Other Materials: Other Resources(e.g. Web, books, etc.)
Hobby Horse ( one for each child)
Song Sheets: " I'm a Little Cowboy/girl" and "I hop on my Horse" from
CD - William Tell Overture
CD Player
Objectives(Specify skills/information that will be learned. It must be derived from the education standard(s) and address the Goal/Purpose)
To practice developing large motor skills of walking, runnig, jumping, skipping and galloping
Iowa Early Learning Standards, 2006
Area 7 - 7.3
Large Motor DevelopmentStandard: Children develop large motor skills.
Procedures(Describe what the instructor AND students will do at each stage of the lesson. This is a play by play of what will happen)
1. Gather children together and sing "I'm a little cowboy/girl" Children sing nad learn appropriate motions.
2. Have children choose their horse. To avoid a "stampede", choose children according to the color of their shoes.
3. Sing "I hop on my Horse" Children sing with teacher and learn words
4. Turn on William Tell Overture. Teacher-"How does this music make you want to move? Let's move in this direction." All the children ride their horse in a clockwise directin around the room. 5. Stop the music. Teacher " I saw a lot of different ways to ride our horses. Let's try walking (skipping, galloping, jumping) them around the circle this time."Children move around the room in various ways.
6. Encourage children to verbalize different ways to ride their horses.
Assessment/Verification(Steps to check for student understanding. (We will talk about this in Chapter 15. )
Visual assessment: Which children are walking ( running, jumping, skipping, galloping ) on their horses? which children tire easily, trip or bump into other children?
Written check list
Watch at recess - who is running, who has trouble keeping up, who doesn't try
Reinforcement/ Expansion Activities(Describe the independent activities to further develop or build upon this lesson. Often this involves independent or small group work. You may think in terms of seat work, web work, discovery projects, )
Recess: Take horses outside and allow for more riding.
1. Since we are outside, encourage more running.
2. Set up a course which might pose some challanges such a stick to jump over, a sharp corner to turn, a place to trade horses.
3.Bathroom line - Use the cowboy songs and motions to help children transition to snack time. 4.Center ideas - Set up a Chuck Wagon center with a rocking horse. Children can take turns driving the wagon and riding the horse.
5.Allow for horse races in the hall if adequate supervison is available.
6. Add bandanas and cowboy hats to dramatic play area. Add a guitar to the chuch wagon area. 7. Add horses and fence pieces to the blocks
8. Put a CD with cowboy songs in the listening center
9. Read "Cowboy Small" and have a paper doll with cowboy clothes ready for the children to dress. Put in reading center and as children reread the book they can dress the cowboy.
10. Put out star books and have a small group constellatin lesson for those who are interested. Tell how cowboys wouldsleep under the stars.
Adaptations(Choose a special need and add adaptations where it will be necessary for those students).
Trent pulls an O2 tank. Teacher will ride next to him to carry his tank as he rides. Keep him on the edge of the mainstream so that no children will in advertenlty ride over the supply line. Zachary has CP and ankle braces. Adapt his horse by removing the stick. Allow him an alternate course to allow him room to swerve and to move at his own speed.
Lily has high functioning autism and doesn't want to ride her horse witht the group. Allow her to stand off to one side and observe the chilren, holding her horse.
Additional Notes: At any time be cognizant of children who are having trouble in the mainstream of the horses. Allow for plenty of room. This lesson plan was designed for our large motor room, 1 teacher and 8 students.
Iowa Early Learning Standards (2006)Department of Educationpage 57 - 58
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